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Heretic Studio

Lighting the way forward

Heretic Studio produces made-in-the-USA LED lights for adventurous vehicles who want to keep playing after the sun goes down. They’re raising the standard in the lighting industry with their premium light kits, bars, and mounts.

As their popularity grew, they wanted a logo as bold as their products – one that would speak to their community of rough riders and hold traction across digital and print applications.

Logo design


The new Heretic Studio logo shows the off-road space who’s boss. Action-oriented typography and a hefty weight is a power play that’s practical across both product and packaging. An angular approach ties in the brand’s iconic product design and shape, while distinctive cutouts slice through the dark letterforms like beams of light.

B.O.O.H. (Bat Out Of Hell)


Secondary logos and graphics keep the story going and expand the brand's territory into full-on lifestyle.



These lights are meant to be shot at night. We sent out a pro crew to capture an after-hours adventure, delivering stunning nighttime shots that hype the product living its best life.



Eric Fowles, Creative Director
Justin Houston, Producer
HARKAN FILMS, Photo & Video

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