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Fly fishing and eCommerce: Two fish from the same pond

Fly fishing is a lot like working in eComm. Seriously. Allow us to explain:

Waders recommended.


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Step 1: Planning for the trip


You’re ready for adventure and you’re aiming to reel in some big fish (or customers).

Fly fishing: Catch a salmon

eCommerce: Drive eComm results



Step 2: Assess your environment


Okay, you’ve got your goals. Now you need to understand your surroundings to make the most of your excursion.

Fly fishing: What season is it? What fish are nearby? What’s the water temperature like?

eCommerce: What’s your market look like? What customers do you want to attract? What are the hot trends?



Step 3: Prep your gear


Next, you need the right tools. Be sure you have your bait and tackle in order before wading in.

Fly fishing: The right rod, flies and waders. Perhaps you also need a guide.

eCommerce: The right technology, tools and team. An expert might also be useful.



Step 4: Testing the waters


It’s finally time dive in and asses what works. Begin with fundamentals, hone your skills, and emerge from the crowd.

Fly fishing: Begin with a fundamental tactic like nymphing

eCommerce: Lure in your targets with email marketing and organic social.

Fly fishing: Move to something that takes a little more skill – like dry flies.

eCommerce: Branch out from the basics into something a little more advanced.

Fly fishing: Put your casting arm to work and move on to emergers.

eCommerce: Refine your brand voice with some solid storytelling.



Step 5: The big catch


You did it! You conquered the river, and you’re ready to raise the stakes and play up your strengths.

Fly fishing: You snag your first salmon

eCommerce: You land a big sale or client



Step 6: Mistakes happen


It won’t all be sunny days and quiet rivers. You will have learning opportunities along the way.

Fly fishing: A good catch will kick off the line, or you don’t even get a nibble.

eCommerce: You make a business gaffe, or your customers aren’t biting.



Step 7: Tackle something bigger


The more you practice, the more you’ll improve. Bigger waters, here we come!

Fly fishing: You’ll snag larger fish and explore tougher locations loaded with competition.

eCommerce: You’ll land bigger clients, make bigger sales and compete with bigger fish.



Step 8: Small fish. Big pond.


Continued growth means you can target bigger competition.

Fly fishing: Experiment with new flies that look tastier than what other anglers are casting.

eCommerce: Offer better products or unique services. Find your niche in the market to set you apart.



Step 9: Give ‘em what they want


You have the experience, now it’s time to really dive in and give the fish what they want.

Fly fishing: Analyze the stomach contents of your catch and adjust your flies to reflect what they’re biting.

eCommerce: Do your research and dive into data. Use A/B testing to iterate and find what your audience wants.



Step 10: The official angler


By now, you know what you’re doing. You’re an expert in your field.

Fly fishing: You’re the master and guide for others working on this fly fishing thing.

eCommerce: You’re an expert in your niche, and others look to you for guidance.



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