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5 reasons you should be doing digital lookbooks

Lookbooks captivate and convert customers, and it’s time you started using them.

We’re big fans of digital lookbooks. Seriously, take a quick scroll through our work page, and you’ll find several different books we’ve done for big brands like adidas. They’re cool, creative tools we love building, but digital lookbooks are so much more than just pretty designs. They’re also incredibly effective selling tools. If your brand hasn’t dipped its toes into the lookbook waters, here are 5 reasons why you should dive in.

#1 – They generate higher conversion rates and help drive sales

First and foremost, lookbooks are selling tools. We know you’re always looking for ways to drive sales and increase engagement (who isn’t?), and lookbooks are incredibly effective at converting for a number of reasons:

  • Shoppers are more likely to buy products seen on a model in situ
  • Bundling products and upselling is easier with visual cues
  • They simplify the shopping experience and put consumers closer to the cart
  • BONUS: Interactive elements build connections between product and consumer and increase time spent on site, making shoppers more likely to buy

Well-produced lookbooks help give context to the products you’re pushing, meaning customers are more inspired to buy. Couple looks with convenience, and you’ve given your customers a golden ticket straight to the check-out button.

Our experience:

We created a lookbook experience for adidas’ 2018 winter collection. The lookbook’s visually engaging design and easy-to-shop layout resulted in a 90% sales increase and a 43% conversion rate.

#2 – Digital lookbooks put you in control

Digital lookbooks don’t just give consumers a way to interact with your products, they also put you in control of what products shoppers interact with. A fresh lookbook can:

  • Spotlight important product/line launches
  • Feature new releases that compliment existing products
  • Highlight seasonal product shifts
  • Resurrect underperforming products or collections

Digital lookbooks give you better control over the messaging you offer your customers. Think of them as guides to gently keep your customers on your preferred shopping path.

Our experience:

Our digital lookbook for adidas’ adicolor Collection put a bright spotlight on a very specific product launch for adidas. This multi-page lookbook told a compelling, colorful story and helped adidas pull of a successful launch.

#3 – Unique expression of your brand or products

Lookbooks give you the opportunity to tell an immersive brand story outside of your usual channels or PDPs. Between stylized photography and brand storytelling, you can forge deeper connections with your customers. This expression:

  • Offers a more unique way to showcase products than a standard CLP page
  • Tells a more compelling, authentic story your consumers can buy into
  • Lets customers immerse themselves in the story and visualize themselves wearing or using your products

Think of a lookbook as your visual brand “voice”. A well executed book taps into consumer moods and connects on a deeper level for an engaging shopping experience.


Phlur Fragrances uses a unique, lookbook-style approach to help customer connect with a their products outside of just smell. Expressive visuals, thoughtful copy and even music playlists combine to tell a compelling story about each fragrance.

#4 – Younger audiences crave digital experiences

You’ve heard of Millennials and Gen Z (you now, all those kids killing the paper napkin industry). But did you know that these digital natives already wield around $200 billion in buying power? That’s billion with a “B”. And by 2020, Gen Z alone will command 40% of the market. So what does this have to do with lookbooks? Well:

  • 67% of Millennials prefer to shop online and 73% of Gen Zers shop online
  • Gen Z shoppers look for brand authenticity and demand shopping experiences
  • Both generations crave smooth, quick and interactive shopping journeys

Authentic voice. Interactive experiences. Digital platform. Lookbooks check all of these boxes. If you’re looking for a way to tap that $200 billion in buying power… lookbooks are it.

Our experience:

Taking inspiration from social platforms, we implemented interactive shopping methods in our adidas’ 2018 winter collection lookbook to specifically target a younger, digital-oriented audience. This page construction resulted in a 67% click-through rate.

#5 –  The possibilities are endless

Lookbooks aren’t just for fashion and apparel brands. Their versatility can be applied to just about any product or brand. Check out some examples of well-executed books from non-fashion brands.

The Verge Holiday Gift Guide

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Ikea Furniture


Interested in creating a lookbook for your brand? VOLTAGE can help.



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