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Optimize your eComm for 2017

Forget Year of the Rooster. 2017 is the year of eCommerce.

And best-practice planning starts now.There’s no need to panic about the upcoming year. We’re here to help you prepare with five tips for optimizing your eComm in 2017.

1. Quality Content is Key

Think of content as a salesperson. It represents your brand in the digital universe. High-caliber content sells the product, answers questions, and quells any doubts your customers have. As a result, you forge strong ties that keep your customers coming back.

And content takes many forms. At Voltage, we’ve had success driving sales with everything from product descriptions for athletic companies, to recipe blog posts featuring delicious foods, and a vast array of monthly emails, social media posts, and even style tips for a design-oriented appliance company.

2. Video is Your Friend

Video content doesn’t just catch your customer’s attention, it keeps it. You’ll rank better in Google, appeal to more mobile users, and have better click-through rates. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your business personality and expertise.

Be it short, made-for-Instagram videos like this one celebrating Voltage’s Bike to Work Day participation:

(See the original created for Instagram here.)

or complex pieces like this one Voltage did for FootJoy, video absolutely needs to be in your marketing arsenal.

3.Go Omni

Omnichannel marketing is an effective way to provide a seamless shopping experience and learn more about your customer base. Even better, shoppers are more likely to make a purchase thanks to the added convenience.

To get a closer look at omnichannel, check out this omnichannel article, and the omnichannel experience we recently helped Reebok with.

4. Create an Experience

If you’ve ever been on a ride at a theme park, you know the moment you step in line you’re part of an experience. This same principle can be applied to eComm. Coming out with a new product? Tease the release with videos, countdowns, and social posts. This creates buildup that leaves customers anxiously awaiting your newest addition continue reading this.

Don’t be afraid to explore the limits of your existing resources to create a memorable and enticing experience. Check out these Reebok and adidas examples for some inspiration.

5. Make the Most of Social Media

Chances are you’re already using social media. Not to mention it’s an inexpensive way for you to organically connect with your customers on a more personal level.

If you’re going to use social, however, be sure you’re using it well. Check out this blog post we created to help you make the most of your social platforms.

Whatever your goals are for the New Year, Voltage can help. Contact us for more info about getting the 2017 ball rolling.


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